Projects That Utilize Pocket Hole Joinery In Sydney

Whilst pocket hole joinery in Sydney allows woodworkers to create furniture that features smooth lines and invisible screws, many people still tend to shy away from the technique because it is difficult to create the pockets in a quick and uniform fashion. There are, however, a number of projects that can benefit from this type of joinery, including:

Face Frames
This is the name given to the flat part of a cabinet, which you adhere to the carcass (or box). It is designed to add support to the whole cabinet, hold the hardware and to hide the raw edges of the timber. Pocket hole joinery can be used to join each of the pieces of wood used in the face frame together.
Garden Bench
The use of pocket hole joinery in Sydney is perfect for creating a backless garden bench for your home. In this project, the technique is used to hide all of the screws that hold the seat together. One of the main benefits of this technique is that hiding the screws lessens the chances that they will corrode.
Nesting Tables
This is the name given to a set of three tables that can be stacked, one on top of the other. The top table has the largest surface area and the longest legs, whilst the middle table has a medium surface area and medium length legs, and so on. Joinery is used to join the tabletops to the legs for a streamlined look.

As you can see, the use of pocket hole joinery in Sydney is highly beneficial in creating a streamlined appearance for a number of different furniture items. It is even possible to make your timber furniture appear much more modern using this technique, which is something that many homeowners desire.


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