A Closer Look At Custom Melbourne Joinery

Joinery is a thriving business in Melbourne – these types of contractors are employed to work on a number of timber associated applications. Often confused with carpenters, the art of joinery surrounds the fact that contractors are able to join two pieces of wood together without the use of a hammer and nails. It is a woodworking practice that originated in European and Asian countries thousands of years ago.

  • But what sorts of custom projects do Melbourne joinery firms commonly work on? Believe it or not, a number of the timber applications in your home would have been created using joinery methods! Some of these applications include:
  • Doors and windows, as well as their frames (also known as the jambs)
  • Staircases, including the handrails, posts and balustrading
  • Furniture, such as chairs, tables, chests and drawers
  • Shop fitouts, including cabinets and built in frames
  • Essentially, a contractor can complete any woodworking project that involves the connection of one piece of wood to another.

Even though Melbourne joinery is such a lucrative business, it is an industry that is slowly losing its professionals to other, more commonly known ones, including carpentry. The main reason for this is that the young people of today have no idea what joinery is, so they do not see the point in employing the services of one of these talented individuals.

If you are after a staircase for the new home you are currently building, you would love a chest of drawers that fit perfectly in that gap in your room, your shop needs a face lift, or you would love to gift your parents a fully customised dining setting, look no further than the extensive Melbourne joinery services available.

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