Vertical VS Horizontal Wall Beds In Melbourne

When people begin to look at wall beds in Melbourne as a space saving solution for their homes, they are often surprised to learn that there is more than one type of bed to choose from – vertical and horizontal. What is the difference between the two, and which one is better?

This is the most traditional formation for wall beds in Melbourne; the bed is stored vertically (upside down) and lowered into the room when in use, so that the head is against the wall. It is important to ensure that your ceilings are high enough to accommodate one of these beds and that there is adequate space in the room to accommodate the arrangement when it is open. They are often incorporated into useful vertical furniture, such as a bookcase, without looking out of place.

This is a more new version of the wall bed; the bed is stored horizontally (sideways) and lowered into the room when in use, so that one side is against the wall. These beds are commonly used in spaces that are not high enough to accommodate a traditional wall arrangement (such as an attic) or in spaces that require the bed to fit in lengthways (such as a hallway). They are often incorporated into useful horizontal furniture, such as a desk.

It is very important to properly assess the space that you have available when choosing between vertical and horizontal wall beds in Melbourne – whilst both versions are very similar, they do work in different ways and it is important to get your configuration right.

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