5 Reasons To Buy A Wall Bed In Melbourne

Many people see the wall bed as a thing of the past – they’ve been around for years and, as far as they’re concerned, their design has not altered or been updated at all. As many Melbournians are coming to realize, however, this bed is still alive and well – and for good reason.

·         Saves space: this is by far the main reason that people buy wall beds in Melbourne. As they fold up vertically, either into the wall or a deceptive piece of furniture, they are great for use in apartments or small units.
·         Functional rooms: instead of having a wholly devoted guest bedroom, your spare room can double as something else – have you always wanted a home gym or sewing room? Simply pull down the bed whenever you have guests.
·         Easy to use: it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out how to lower and raise a wall bed – even a child can operate this bed without any assistance.
·         Extra guests: whilst we generally only have one or two people to stay at a time, there are situations when you may be required to host a large amount of people. Owning a wall bed in Melbourne (or even two) will allow you to offer extra guests a comfortable place to sleep.
·         Save costs: as many of these beds double as shelving or desks, it saves you from having to buy extra pieces of furniture for storing your possessions.

If you live in an apartment or unit and would love to be able to have guests stay over on occasion, a wall bed in Melbourne could be exactly what you have been looking for. They can fit in almost any space you have free, as long as there’s room to fold them down.

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